Pool Mula
The BONUS WEEKEND WAS MASSIVE!  Everyone did a very great job in getting the word out!
We are about half a step away from going VIRAL!  Keep up the great work and continue telling everyone that Pool Mula PAYS!
We have more updates on the way.  If we keep this up we will be on top across the GLOBE!
Remember refer commissions pay as well so keep up the good work.  All it takes is reminding someone once and you are in profit!
E-mail poolmula@gmail.com for any questions!
You can now log in and withdraw your earnings.Check out out happy pool link to see our huge payouts.https://poolmula.com/public/recentpayouts
So all members who have earnings can withdraw it right now to see we pay and build trust!(All of our members have earnings by the way we pay you 7 days a week)
So go withdraw or save up funds and compound them by getting more spots!
Pool Mula uses Admin funds combined with our members funds to join your programs.Please submit some programs for Admin or our members to join under you.
After you get paid please post your profits all over forums. 100% paid on withdraws.
Staff Pool Mula poolmula@gmail.comAdmin is here Pooling for you ALL year long.
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